The Lucky Break Factor – Part 2

My life has been a series of Lucky Breaks — just as yours has. The only reason that I have more Lucky Breaks than the average person is because I recognize that there is what I call “The Lucky Break Factor.” I’ve identified the pattern that creates Lucky Breaks. And once you know the pattern in anything, then you’re able to replicate it — it’s no longer chance.

There are several quotes about luck, such as these:

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.”

— Seneca (Roman philosopher)

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

— Samuel Goldwyn (Film producer)

“I am a great great believer in luck, and find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

— Thomas Jefferson (Founding Father)

Each of these quotes contain the essence of “The Lucky Break Factor” but leave out critical details. Yes, luck is where preparation meets opportunity, but what is opportunity? And the harder you work, the more luck you will have — if: 1) the work is related somehow to what you’re wanting to achieve; and 2) you know how to recognize the Lucky Break when it happens. Let’s say you want to become a movie mogul like Samuel Goldwyn. You can work hard all every day, year after year, digging ditches in the middle of the desert and you’re not going to get a Lucky Break in the movie business.

Your Lucky Break starts with an idea, a vision, and the desire to make that vision a tangible reality. There is a lot of pop psychology and purveyors of positive mental attitude programs, such as “The Secret,” that teaches “the law of attraction.” These principles are correct, as a part of the process. But sitting in your home every day, year after year, “visualizing” that you’re a movie mogul will not make it so. In fact, what most people think is “visualizing” is actually “fantasizing.” Visualizing is holding the image in your mind while you’re taking the proper action to turn your vision into reality. Fantasizing is just that, creating a fantasy world in your mind where you’re not working towards making the vision in your mind a reality. People who fantasize are quite content living in their fantasy worlds because they can get some satisfaction for a time without doing any real work. When they become bored with one fantasy they simply move on to another fantasy.

Let’s say you have a big idea — a vision that you can clearly see in your mind and a strong desire to turn your vision into reality. Here’s how you get your Lucky Break:

Prepare. Preparation is the first step. Start with taking inventory of the knowledge and experience you have that can help you achieve your vision and what knowledge and experience you’re lacking. In an earlier post I talked about The 3 Resources for Personal and Business Development: Time, Expertise and Money in an earlier post. In your Preparation step you need to consider these three factors. You’ll need to determine the Time frame in which you want to turn your vision into reality.

In order to achieve your goal in the stated Time frame, what Expertise do you need? What portion of the Expertise do you yourself currently have? What portion of the Expertise can you personally acquire in your stated Time frame? What portion of the Expertise will you need to get from others (OPE)? OPE can be acquired from others who package and sell their Expertise through books, CDs, DVDs, Webimars, Seminars, etc.  You can acquire OPE through bringing on business partners, through joint-venture partnerships, and by hiring Experts. Your resource of Money will determine many factors, such as your Time frame and how you will get the additional Expertise that you lack.

Plan. Once you know what you want to do and what you need to do it, it’s time to create your Plan. Your Plan will include your Time frames; your Expertise needs and acquisition; and your Money needs, acquisition and allocations.

Act. Proper action, based on your Plan, is what determines the difference between a “fantasizer” and a “visualizer.” As a visualizer you’ve been visualizing your Preparation, your Planning and your Action throughout the process. Here’s the key thing you need to know when you start taking action on you Plan — “you don’t know what you don’t know.” In other words you’re acting on the best Preparation you could do with the best Plan you could create based upon what you thought you needed to know and do. But your limitations as a mere mortal keep you from being able to know and foresee everything you need do in order to turn your vision into reality. But you know this, and you take Action anyway.

Expect. You take Action fully Expecting a Lucky Break to happen while Acting on your Plan. You need to get to this point to qualify for “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” This “hard work” is the Preparation, Planning and Action. This is were “preparation meets opportunity.” This is why I’m luckier than the average person — because I Expect Luck.

Recognize. When you Expect Luck you’re always on the look out for that Lucky Break. And because you’re on the look out for it — you see it. Lots of people go through the necessary Preparation, Planning and Acting steps, but because they don’t understand, or believe, how Luck works, they don’t Expect it, and therefore don’t Recognize it when it happens. What’s truly unfortunate about this is that these people are doing the work to qualify for Luck and the Luck comes to them — but they don’t Recognize it when it comes. It’s usually because they’re so caught up in executing on their Plan — with the mistaken belief that their Plan has everything they need — that their minds are not open to a Lucky Break.

Act. When a Lucky Break comes — Act on it. Change your Plan and Act on the Lucky Break. This phenomenon is the reason for the saying “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Give Thanks. Lucky Breaks are not accidental, coincidence or serendipity. Lucky Breaks are designed and orchestrated in our behalf and for our benefit because we have put into motion the steps and actions that qualify us for a Lucky Break. Lucky Breaks are gifts. Your religious beliefs will determine for you from whom these gifts come from. As a Christian, I believe that Lucky Breaks come from God and are put into motion by angels who have been given the charge to minister to men and women in this world. I believe Lucky Breaks are Miracles.

When you believe that Miracles can happen at all levels of your life, and in every aspect of your life, you have literally tapped into the power of heaven. Acknowledging these Miracles in your life, small or large, is important. Your expression of Gratitude for the Miracles in your life is necessary for you to continue experiencing Miracles throughout your life.

Repeat. Repeat these steps in everything you do and you will see small and large Lucky Breaks — Miracles — in your life on a regular basis.

Best of Luck Always,

Lucky Scott

(c) 20011 Cosmic Bridge, LLC

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