It Doesn’t Matter

Here’s a politically correct truth for you to consider: the Tea Party, the Occupy Wallstreeters, the Unions, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and any and all other political parties out there truly don’t care about your financial security and well-being. Nobody cares about your money and your health more than you do. It doesn’t matter if Obama remains in office after the 2012 election or if a Republican becomes president. Your economic situation will probably remain the same. It’s not the change in presidents that will make a big difference in your life, it’s the change you make in your attitude and your actions that will make the biggest difference in your life.

I learned this truth a long time ago. I’ve observed that it doesn’t matter who is president, if the economy is up, down or stagnant, I can enjoy whatever quality of life I choose. There are opportunities in every economic condition. Of course, they’re easier to find and implement in a rising economy. But even in a down economy the opportunities to enjoy a financially secure life, and even profit, exist.

When you embrace a “It Doesn’t Matter” philosophy about what the economy is doing, what the stock market is doing, what the real estate market is doing, where unemployment is, who the president is, what political party controls congress, it truly doesn’t matter because you will find opportunities that each of these situations provide. What’s happening “out there” has less influence on your life than what’s happening “inside you.”

Go deep inside yourself and you’ll find the resolve and answers to enjoy the peace of mind and quality of life that a “It Doesn’t Matter” philosophy can bring you.

Best of Luck Always,

D. Scott Elder

(C) 2011, Cosmic Bridge, LLC

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